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Veridicus Health provides comprehensive and customizable pharmacy solutions. We are industry leaders in clinical care management , MTM and PBM services for Commercial and Medicare Part D plans.

What can Veridicus Health offer?

Veridicus Health strives to empower patients, members, and plans navigate healthcare to make informed decisions by promoting education and providing tools that result in the preservation of healthcare benefits, improved quality of care and decreased costs.

VRx Pharmacy Services is the leading transparent Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Company that supports health plans and large employers to manage all aspects of their pharmacy benefit needs. VRx is unique in the industry by offering pass-through pricing alongside flexibility with formulary and plan design. We truly believe "what's best for you is best for us".

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At Veridicus Care Management (VCM), we have incorporated traditional medical and pharmacy utilization, disease, medication therapy, and case management into one integrated care management program. The interprofessional collaboration and integration are essential steps towards improving efficiency (reducing redundancy), quality of care, and optimizing the reduction of overall healthcare cost for all stakeholders.

The VCM team consists of Nurses, Clinical Pharmacists, and Mental Health Professionals; all working collaboratively for the patient under a single integrated delivery system.

With Veridicus Care Management you can experience a new and innovative approach to health care. The VCM team is dedicated to assisting both the patient and plan sponsor achieve their clinical, economic and humanistic goals. We know a "win-win" is possible and we provide the means to do so. There is a better way to manage healthcare services then the current model and it starts with collaboration. By working together, we are able to fill the gaps in care leading to improved patient outcomes and more effective managed care.

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VRx administers a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan sponsored by Granite Alliance Insurance Company. Granite Alliance contracts with Medicare to provide simple yet robust prescription drug coverage for employer groups and unions with Medicare eligible retirees in all 50 states. Granite Alliance is a committed to innovation, efficiency, and customer service excellence.

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a service provided by a team of highly-trained clinical pharmacists to discuss medications in detail. The MTM program is designed to be a patient-centric service that optimizes safe and effective use of medications by enhancing patient understanding of their drug therapy.

The program strives to qualify at least 15% of the plan population and to engage as many patients as possible. VRx consistently provides CMR completion rates between 30-40%, which is well above national averages. This level of dedication to providing quality MTM services that demonstrated significant savings by reducing overall healthcare costs to all stakeholders.

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VRx byMail, also located in Salt Lake City, gives you and your members the convenience and savings of a mail order pharmacy with the feel and support of your local neighborhood pharmacy. Direct pharmacist contact and expert member advocates give you a one-stop shop for prescription information and delivery coordination.

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VRx Pharmacy is located in the heart of Salt Lake City at the renowned City Creek Center. The pharmacy provides prescription drug services that are convenient and efficient. Most prescription insurance plans are accepted and you can fill your prescription while you wait or while you work.

In addition to the traditional pharmacy service offerings, VRx Pharmacy also is home to a wide selection of daily sundries in a friendly, clean, and convenient environment.

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Why choose us?

  • We make meaningful impact with collaboration between medical and pharmacy professionals.
  • You achieve results because of our innovation and drive to make something good into something great.
  • Simplify your life with one relationship for UR, CM, DM, MTM and PBM – including EGWP Medicare Part D.
  • Our staff anticipates your needs and is empowered to create a solution for whatever challenge your company faces.

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